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Travel and Hospitality: Data collection ideas

In addition to the out-of-the-box profile properties BlueConic collects for your visitors, you can configure as many custom profile properties as you like to store all the data you need within BlueConic or across your marketing technology stack. CDP Use cases and CDP data collection strategies for the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Industries

Our expert customer success team will show you how to set these up during the onboarding process, and identify other data points to support custom use cases for your unique business.

The following profile properties serve as a good starting point for travel and tourism customers:

General behavioral data

  • Site searches
  • Most recent site search
  • Unmatched site searches

Trip planning data

  • Check-in date
  • Check-out date
  • Booking date
  • Number of travelers - adults
  • Number of travelers - children
  • Number of rooms selected
  • Saved a trip plan
  • Booking steps (set dates, selected hotels, confirmation, etc.)
  • Most recent booking step
  • Registration/login email

Destination information

  • Hotel/resort room pages viewed
  • Hotel/resort dining options viewed
  • Things-to-do interests
  • Top things-to-do interests
  • Attraction categories viewed
  • Top attraction category interest
  • All category interests

With this data, you will be equipped to target your visitors with customized and automated marketing interactions. Consider these BlueConic use cases or contact your Customer Success Manager for additional ideas. 

Does BlueConic collect profile properties out-of-the-box (OOTB)?

Yes, see the list of out-of-the-box profile properties BlueConic collects for you. Learn how to create your own, custom profile properties to suit your customer data and CDP use cases.

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