What are BlueConic segments?

A segment is a group of customers or visitors characterized by a defined set of interests, preferences, demographic properties, and so forth. Based on how a customer behaves in your channels and the information you have gathered from them via listeners, online forms, links they have followed, what they have clicked, and so forth, you can class a customer, either by using a single filter or a sophisticated set of filters. With segments, you can engage with customers at the right moment using a meaningful and relevant dialogue.

Customers and visitors in your online channels can belong to multiple segments, for example under 35 years old, interested in football, referred to your online channel from a specific URL, read your December newsletter, and so forth.

Segmentation is dynamic, which means BlueConic uses the latest updates of profile property values to determine if a customer falls in a specific segment.

BlueConic offers six prebuilt behavioral segments that include profiles with targeted scores for recency, frequency of visits, intensity, and either low or high levels of momentum. 

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