What are dialogues?

A dialogue is the heart of your real-time, online conversation with your visitors. A dialogue can trigger an interaction with a visitor based on the profile of visitors to your universe.

Interactions can be visual (banners, special content, etc.), communicative (send an e-mail), information gathering (add properties to Google Analytics, merge with a Salesforce lead/contact, etc.), or a combination of the three. 

Dialogues can contain one or more variants that interact with the visitor in different ways. This allows for dialogue optimization, the aim being to find the variant that is most effective in reaching the goal that you define. Once BlueConic determines which variant is most effective according to the defined goal using the defined strategy, you specify what BlueConic does next. For example, you can see whether displaying a lightbox leads to more clicks than displaying a banner. If the lightbox leads to more clicks, then you can tell BlueConic to target future website visitors with the lightbox and stop showing the banner.

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