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Lifecycle KPI Insight

The BlueConic Lifecycle KPI insight shows the results of a BlueConic lifecycle or an individual lifecycle stage based on one key performance metric (KPI). This will help you gain insight into lifecycle (or stage) completions, completion ratio, progressions, progression ratio, dropouts, dropout ratio, drops, drop ratio, or the number of profiles present in a lifecycle.

Note: To find definitions of various metrics for measuring your lifecycles and their stages in a CDP, see the BlueConic Lifecycles Glossary.

Insight showing a key Lifecycle metric


Insight showing a Lifecycle Stage KPI 


The Lifecycle KPI insight and its controls

Start by adding a Lifecycle KPI insight to a BlueConic dashboard. The Lifecycle KPI insight can display results or metrics for either a lifecycle or a single stage of a lifecycle. Click the cogwheel icon to configure the insight. 

Lifecycle (required): Select an existing BlueConic Lifecycle whose results you want to display. When you select a lifecycle, the relevant stages and metrics appear in the configuration.

Stage (optional): Select "Show complete lifecycle" to display results for the entire lifecycle, or choose a single lifecycle stage from the dropdown menu to display metrics for how a particular stage affects lifecycle progressions or drop rates.


Metric (required): Select a single metric whose results you want to display.

  • For a complete lifecycle, you can show completions, completion ratio, dropouts, dropout ratio, or the number of profiles present in the lifecycle.
  • For a single stage, you can show progressions, progression ratio, drops, drop ratio, and profiles in stage.

Note that the time period selected for the Dashboard as a whole affects how these metrics display (for all time, last 24 hours, last 7 days, etc.).

Time period setting for the current dashboard

This insight takes the time period setting of the dashboard into account. The time period is indicated by the clock icon in the top left. When a time period has been selected for the dashboard, the number changes to display the new Lifecycle metrics for the selected time period.

When you've selected both a time period for the dashboard and the "Compare with previous" option, the insight displays a percentage to indicate the difference between the metric for the current period compared to same metric for the previous period.


If you have questions about using insights and dashboards with BlueConic Lifecycles, see Insights and Dashboards or contact Support.




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