Segment Profile Count (Insight)

Shows the current number of profiles in a selected segment. It shows both the total number of profiles in the segment, and the percentage of all visitors this represents.

Use this segment to gauge how many of your profiles belong to a certain segment. For example, if you have a segment containing all profiles for which you have an email address, use this insight to see how many and what percentage of all profiles have an email address.

The Insight and its controls

Percentage of All Visitors

The percentage is determined by retrieving the current number of profiles in the segment and calculating the percentage this segment represents of all your visitor profiles.


The total number of profiles in the selected segment.

Segment name

The name of the segment you selected.

Example showing profile origin segment

To illustrate the number of profiles whose origin is known, we created a Segment Profile Count insight.  It shows that there are 9.99M profiles in the segment Has Origin, which accounts for 86% of all visitor profiles.




Segment (required)

Select a segment to see how many profiles it contains. The insight shows the total number of profiles the segment contains, and also the percentage of profiles in this segment relative to all visitor profiles.