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Setting up privacy controls for audiences that do not include EU residents

In case your primary audience does not include EU residents, i.e. visitors not regulated by the GDPR, you may just want to make sure that your channels are compliant with GDPR (or privacy regulations such as CCPA/CPRA) without gathering EU visitor profiles at all. The following easy-to-implement strategy might be just for you:

  • Set up a listener that will only create a profile for visitors from outside of the EU. Visitors from the EU will not get a profile.

This strategy saves you from having to define objectives and setting up consent dialogues for EU visitors. If needed, you can still set these up and ask EU visitors for consent to your objectives. Only after consent has been given, a profile will be created for the EU visitor.

If you mainly serve international customers from the U.S. and EU, you can follow another strategy.


Only create profiles for non-EU visitors

Take the following steps to make sure that by default only non-EU visitors will get a profile:

  1. Install the plugin “European visitors: only profile after consent”:
    • Open BlueConic Settings > Plugins
    • Click Add plugin
    • Search for “Euro”
    • Click Install plugin
  2. Create a listener of type “European visitors: only profile after consent”:
    • Open the Listeners tab
    • Click Add listener
    • Search for “Euro”
    • Click the listener European visitors: only profile after consent
    • Enter “European visitors: only profile after consent” as name
  3. Make sure that returning EU visitors don’t get a profile. Returning EU visitors will be ‘unlinked’ from their existing pre-GDPR profiles (i.e. from before May 25, 2018), while the pre-GDPR profile will not be deleted from BlueConic’s database.
    • Check the Also block European visitors that already had a profile
  4. Make sure existing pre-GDPR profiles of returning EU visitors are deleted when they return to your channels:
    • Check the Permanently delete existing European profiles (when they enter your channel)
  5. Optional: Prevent some pre-GDPR profiles from being permanently deleted (they will get ‘unlinked’ when they re-enter the channel). For example, registered customers.
    • Select one or more segments that contain profiles that should not be deleted.
  6. Activate the listener:
    • Turn the listener on
    • Click Save

How do I manage privacy and consent for in BlueConic for GDPR and CCPA compliance in a customer data platform?

  1. Verify that the default permission level is set to Level 2:
    • Open BlueConic settings > Privacy.
    • Select Level 2 (personal).
    • Click Save.

Important note: Default permission is part of a deprecated privacy management process and is only available in tenants existing before the July 2024 release. We recommend that you always have this set to Level 2.

Set up consent for EU visitors

The strategy above will have BlueConic only collect profiles for non-EU visitors. You can optionally expand on this by creating objectives and dialogues that allow EU visitors to give consent to those objectives. Only after consenting to at least one of the objectives the EU visitor will get a profile. Read directions for serving international customers from the U.S. and EU on how to set this up.


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