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GDPR changes to BlueConic

BlueConic gives you maximum flexibility to comply with data policies and regulations in your specific case when serving only domestic (non-GDPR) or international customers. Several visible features like Objectives, Profile properties, and Privacy management components are provided to help you in setting up your channel.

This section describes less visible or obvious parts of BlueConic where the customer data platform supports new features for consent management for GDPR.

The BlueConic APIs

The existing BlueConic APIs have been extended to allow you to be fully GDPR compliant even when you’re not using BlueConic as your Consent Management System.

The client-side JavaScript API

All changes to the API have been added to the JavaScript Frontend API documentation page. In the menu on the right-hand side of that page you can select:

  • “Profile Methods” – The following methods have been added:
    • getPrivacyLegislation()
    • setPrivacyLegislation()
    • getConsentedObjectives()
    • addConsentedObjective()
    • setConsentedObjectives()
    • getRefusedObjectives()
    • addRefusedObjective()
    • setRefusedObjectives()
  • “Objectives Methods” – This is a fully new section
    • getId()
    • getTitle()
    • getDescription()



All changes to the BlueConic REST API have been added. In the menu on the left-hand side of that page you can select:

  • “Profile methods” – The sub section “Update or create multiple profiles at once (bulk)” has been updated for the new “objectiveIds” querystring parameter.
  • “Objectives methods” – This is a fully new section.


The EventLog REST API

The EventLog is a database that contains all privacy-related moments of a profile:

  • When was the profile created / deleted
  • When was the privacy level changed
  • When was consent given / refused for an objective

To gain access to these important moments you can use the REST API. Select the “Profile Event methods” in the menu on the right-hand side of the REST API documentation page.


The Profiles tab

When viewing a profile on the Profiles tab there is now a new option available in the left menu: “Profile privacy management.”

How does the BlueConic customer data platform enable GDPR and CCPA compliance for first-party Customer data?

Click Profile privacy management to show the current Privacy Settings for the current profile. Only if the legislation is set to “GDPR” the Objectives section will be shown.

The “Event log” section shows a table with all the privacy-related events for this profile in your BlueConic customer data platform.


The BlueConic Simulator

The BlueConic Simulator lets you test what a channel looks like to a visitor with certain privacy settings, such as those created to comply with GDPR.

Take the following three steps to see (and change) the privacy settings:

  • Click Show full profile in the left sidebar of the Simulator. A lightbox opens.
  • The bottom bar of the lightbox displays a summary of the privacy settings of the profile that is being used in the simulator:How to use the BlueConic customer data platform (CDP) for GDPR or CCPA consent management and privacy
  • Click the blue link after Privacy settings to make a smaller lightbox appear that allows you to change the privacy settings for the profile that is used in the simulator:How to manage privacy and consent management for GDPR and CCPA in  the BlueConic customer data platform (CDP)



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