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Hour of Day Insight

The Hour of Day Insight show the preferred time of day for profiles in a selected segment to visit your websites and mobile channels, sorted chronologically. This is typically the same profile property as used in Preferred Hour of Day listening. Note that you must have the Preferred Hour of Day Listener set up to gather data for this insight to display.

To add this insight to a BlueConic dashboard, select More > Insights from the BlueConic navigation bar, select a Dashboard, click Create Insight, and choose the Hour of Day Insight. The insight is created and appears on your dashboard.

Configuring the Hour of Day Insight

how can I see the best hour of the day to target customers in BlueConic?

Profile property (required)
Select the profile property that contains the hour of the day. This is typically the same profile property as used in Preferred Hour of Day listening
Segment (optional)
Select the segment to limit the displayed data to that of visitors in a specific segment. If no segment is selected, all profiles are used.

The Hour of Day Insight and its controls

This example show Hour of Day insight:

Can BlueConic tell me the best hour of the day to target customers?

The Y-axis on the left displays the number of profiles.
The X-axis displays a bar per hour (e.g. "5 PM - 6 PM").
Zoom in / zoom out
At the bottom of the bar chart the zoom factor can be adjusted. Click the + to zoom in to a smaller number of profiles, or click the - to zoom out to a larger number of profiles.
Zoom slider
To the right of the bar chart is a zoom slider. When there are many values for the profile property, the zoom slider can be used to select a specific segment of values. This can be done by dragging the left or right edge of the slider to resize it. The slider itself can then be dragged to view a specific segment of the graph.


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