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Welcome to BlueConic!

How to find BlueConic CDP knowledge base, documentation, help, and support for your BlueConic CDP use casesWelcome! Allow us to introduce you to BlueConic and to the rest of the support site at Here you will find content for the teams that use BlueConic in How Tos, common CDP Use Cases, details for BlueConic Developers, (including the REST API and SDKs) and for those who just need some background, we have Getting Started.

Welcome to BlueConic! How do I set up my company's BlueConic site?

At this point, we're assuming that you've received a URL, some login credentials, and you understand the terms of use. Having trouble? Have questions? Reach out to or click 'Contact Support' above.

We are very excited to have you on board! There are some prerequisites to getting started, however:

  1. You'll need to add our script to your site. Check out the instructions. Mobile SDKs are available for Android and iOS.
  1. Select Settings > Channels & BlueConic hostnames from the BlueConic navigation bar to set up BlueConic. You'll need a domain and at least one channel. Add positions to the channel here if there are any areas you would like to be able to work with immediately.

Looking for your BlueConic login?

Once you've set up your BlueConic tenant and have your login credentials, go to [your-tenant-name] to get started.

Questions? Reach out to or click 'Contact' above.

BlueConic CDP Use Cases

Get inspired by learning about the many different ways BlueConic customers use the CDP for digital growth and transformation. See BlueConic Use Cases 

Product updates

To find the most recent BlueConic product updates, choose "Release Notes" in the Help Center. You can also subscribe to email notifications for new product updates to be notified when BlueConic servers are updated with new feature releases. 

Find training classes at BlueConic University

BlueConic customers, sign up for BlueConic University for training classes. 

How to contact BlueConic Support

We're here to help. Follow these steps to ask a question, file a support ticket, or report an issue to our Support Team.

We'll leave you with one tip: Clicking "Help" from within BlueConic will always bring you to the most relevant area of this support site based on where you are when clicking.
How to find BlueConic documentation, online help, knowledge base, user guides, and online assitance with BlueConic CDP use cases

We’re looking forward to working with you. On behalf of the entire BlueConic team, welcome!


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