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Average Profile Value KPI Insight

The Average Profile Value KPI insight in BlueConic shows the average value of a profile property for a specific segment of visitors. An average is only available for profile properties of type number, decimal, or currency, and it is updated daily.

How to create an Average Profile Value KPI Insight in BlueConic

  1. Open (or create) a BlueConic Dashboard.
  2. Click Add Insight and search for 'Average Profile Value' in the list of available insight types.
  3. Select the Average Profile Value KPI Insight plugin. It's created and placed on the current Dashboard.
    When the insight appears, click Configure this Insight to choose the segment, profile property and target to display.

The Insight and its controls

This example shows an Average Profile Value KPI Insight. You can place this on a BlueConic dashboard for reporting and measuring profile values.


The average value of all non-empty values of the profile property of all profiles that fall within the selected segment.
A short description of the displayed number. Click the description to edit it.
Indication of the performance of the average value against the set target.

The insight takes the time period setting of the dashboard into account. This is indicated by the clock icon in the top left. When a time period has been selected for the dashboard the number changes to the average value of all values that have been set or changed during the selected period.

When a time period has been selected for the dashboard and the "Compare with previous" option has been activated, a percentage is shown to indicate the difference between the average of the current period compared to the average of the previous period.



Segment (required)
Select the segment that determines which profiles will be taken into account.
Profile property (required)
Select the profile property that you want to take average of. The profile property needs to be of the type number, decimal, or currency. Learn more about creating BlueConic profile properties of a certain data type.
Target (optional)
Set a target for the average.



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