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Priority settings

On the "When" tab of dialogues you can set a priority:

How do I adjust priority settings in BlueConic?

When deciding which dialogue to display, BlueConic will:

  • Filter out dialogues based on the "Who," "When," and "Where" settings
  • Group the dialogues by the position selected on the "What" tab
  • Sort the dialogues based on their priority on the "When" tab

The top dialogue will be shown in the position. If there are multiple dialogues with the same priority, a random dialogue is picked, and for subsequent reloads the other dialogues are rotated in.

Managing the priority levels

Under "BlueConic Settings > General" you manage the priority definitions of all BlueConic dialogues. By default the definitions are (in order from high to low priority): "Highest," "High," "Medium," and "Low," with "Medium" being the default priority for new dialogues.

How do I set default priority settings for BlueConic dialogues?


You are free to modify the list to your liking:

  1. Hover over an items name to edit it.
  2. Drag a list item by its handle on the left hand side to reorder the item to a new position.
  3. Hover over an item and click the "x" icon to delete it. Don't worry, you'll be warned if the level is in use.
  4. Click "Add Priority" to add a new priority level item.

You can have as many priority levels as you want, and you can use any name that you want. For example, you could add a new priority level "Breaking" and make it the top priority. Note that BlueConic automatically numbers the list based on your sorting order. There is no way for you to influence these numbers, other than by dragging items.

When you are done and satisfied with your changes, click the Save button. All dialogues from now on use the new priority levels.