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Connection Data Flows Insight

preview_%2B_padding.svg To see a snapshot of data flowing in and out of your BlueConic connections, use the Connection Data Flows insight on your dashboards. This insight shows a list of imports and exports, either aggregated by the system or individual instances, with the direction of data flows into and out of BlueConic.

The Connection Data Flows Insight and its controls


In this insight, you can find data for the number of unique profiles imported into BlueConic from connections and the number of unique profiles exported to systems from connections.

Click the name of a connection to be brought to that connection's configuration page.

Creating and configuring the insight

Select Insights from the BlueConic navigation bar and open or create a BlueConic dashboard. Click the Add insight button and search for Connection in the list of available Insights. Select Connection Data Flows and the insight will be added to your dashboard.

Clicking the cogwheel icon in the top right corner of the insight will open a configuration window. Here, you will see the following settings:

  • Segment - Select a segment to narrow down the profiles you want to show in this insight.
  • Aggregation - Choose whether you want to show the insight by individual connections instances or systems.
    • By connection instance - This would leave each instance of a connection as a separate entry on the insight. For example, an SFTP connection called "Test1" and an SFTP connection called "Test2" would be shown separately.
    • By connection system - This would aggregate all of the connections for the same system into one entry on the insight. For example, all SFTP connections would be added together.
  • Instances/Systems - Depending on the option you chose for aggregation, you will see a list of either all available connection instances or systems. Use the checkboxes next to each instance or system to hide or show it in the insight.

Once you've adjusted the configuration, click OK and Save your settings. The insight now shows data flows for the instances or systems you've selected.

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