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Segment Comparison Insight

Use the Segment Comparison insight to compare multiple profile properties (up to 10) across multiple customer segments in BlueConic. For profile properties of type number, decimal, or currency, you can display the sum or the average of the profile property across multiple segments. For example, you can compare average order size or order value (any numeric, decimal, or currency profile property) across segments of customers.

This example shows a range of segments compared across segment size and four profile properties. Segment size always appears in the first data column. In columns showing profile property values, the blue bars show the relative size each profile property value compared across segments. This helps you visually compare profile property values across segments at a glance, with the longest bar representing the highest value and other bars proportional to it.

In this example, the average order value for the profiles in the 2-4 orders segment is 207.72. Measure in relation to the other selected segments, this measure 41.65% compared to the highest segment (0-1 order) for average order value.

How to compare customer profile values across customer segments using the Segment Comparison Insight in BlueConic

How to create a Segment Comparison Insight in BlueConic

  1. Open (or create) a BlueConic Dashboard.
  2. Click Add Insight and search for 'Segment Comparison' in the list of available insight types.
  3. Select the Segment Comparison Insight plugin. It's created and placed on the current Dashboard.
    When the insight appears, click Configure this Insight to choose the segment and profile properties to display.

Configure a Segment Comparison insight in BlueConic

Open a BlueConic dashboard and click the Add insight button. Search for Segment Comparison and select the Segment Comparison insight to get started. Click the Configure this insight button or use the gear icon to configure the insight.

In the example shown below, two segments are selected for comparing by two profile properties, 'Average number of orders' and 'Average order value.'
How to set up the customer Segment Comparison Insight in the BlueConic customer data platform


  • Select one or more BlueConic customer segments to compare.
  • Segment size is always shown in the first column of the insight.

Profile properties

  • Select up to 10 profile properties of the data type number, decimal, or currency.
  • The insight will display values for these profile properties for the segment(s) you selected above.
  • You can choose to display the sum or average for each of the selected profile properties.
  • Profile properties that you select must be marked "available for segmentation" in their Profile property settings.

Note: If the profile property you select hasn't been indexed, and data isn't available yet, it can take up to 24 hours for data to populate the comparison table.

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