Segment Overlap

The Segment Overlap Insight shows the number of profiles in up to three segments, along with the overlap between those segments in a delicious Venn diagram.

The Insight and its controls

An example of a Segment Overlap Insight widget:

Hovering over the Venn diagram will show the number of profiles in each of the named segments, and hovering over the overlap will show the number of profiles in the union between the segments.

You can also create new segments from any overlap simply by hovering over it, clicking the overlap, and naming the segment in the prompt.

Creating a new segment doesn't work for all overlaps and all segments. Especially segments that are constructed using "OR" have a big chance of not being able to be transformed into a new segment. If this is the case, the Segment Overlap insight will not offer the option to create a new segment, and the overlap will remain greyed out.


Segments (required)
Select the segments that will be plotted in the diagram. You can select 1-3 segments.

The Segment Overlap Insight is a standard plugin.