Google Ads Customer Match Connection

What: The Google Ads Customer Match connection will allow BlueConic customers to feed segment data or profile information to Google Ads.

About BlueConic: BlueConic is a Customer Data Platform that harnesses the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem. Click here to learn more.

Why: By sending segmentation and profile property data to your advertising platform, you can more effectively reach targeted audiences with digital ads. You can stop targeting entire segments of visitors who are not a good fit for your advertising campaigns. Instead, you can retarget visitors signed in via Google Search, YouTube or Gmail.


The logos in the top left display the connection status. A new connection will start up with a gray arrow, as it still needs to be configured:

The connection is configured in two steps, available as clickable tabs on the left hand side:

About this connection

The first order of business is to set up a communication channel between BlueConic and Google Ads Customer Match. To do this, click the button Connect with Google Ads. In the popup that appears, log in and allow BlueConic to manage your Google Ads campaigns.

Next, select the parent and child accounts that will be used for exchanging data:


This completes the initial configuration; BlueConic and Google Ads Customer Match will now be able to connect.

Export data to Google Ads Customer Match

The second tab determines what data will be shared. Start by selecting the account that will be used.

Next, select which BlueConic profile properties will be used by Google to find customer matches. Google can match customers by email or phone number.

Finally, you set up mapping rules between BlueConic segments and Google Ads Custom Audiences:

Click the Add mapping button to add a new mapping rule, then search a BlueConic segment and type the name of the audience that it should map to. You can remove a mapping rule by hovering over it and clicking the "x" icon on the right hand side.

Privacy Management

Connections can be added to Objectives, allowing for privacy management of the information that is being picked up. The connection will only work if the visitor consented to at least one of the objectives that it is linked to.


The Google Ads Customer Match Connection is a standard plugin.