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Facebook Connect - Login Dialogue

You can use the Facebook Connect - Login dialogue in BlueConic to enable your website visitors to log in to a website using their Facebook credentials. Access to Facebook is accomplished through a valid Facebook application. When a visitor clicks the Facebook login logo, they are asked to allow a Facebook application access to their Facebook account. In the Facebook Connect - Login dialogue, you can define what profile information can be read from Facebook. Facebook profile data is added to the visitor's BlueConic profile via the Facebook Connect Profile Transfer plugin.

The visual form of the Facebook Connect - Login dialogue is a Facebook logo + text that appears on a web page at the defined position which the visitor can click to log in. For example:

How to enable customers and visitors to use their Facebook login credentials on pages with BlueConic

By default, the Facebook Connect - Login dialogue is not installed. To install it, add the following URL to your BlueConic plugins:

Contact your BlueConic Customer Success Manager if you need help.


  • The Facebook Connect - Login dialogue requires the Facebook Connect - Profile Transfer listener to also be installed. Before you can use this dialogue, be sure the plugin has been added to BlueConic. Contact your application manager if you are unsure whether the listener is available (
  • A valid Facebook Connect application. The website visitor will grant this application permission to access their Facebook profile. For more information on developing a Facebook application, see If you want to create an App ID, see

Facebook Connect - Login configuration

Follow the steps below to configure the What tab for a Facebook Connect - Login dialogue. For information on the How, Who, and Where tabs, see Dialogues Overview.

  1. Login button text: The text entered in this field will appear on the Facebook login button. In the screenshot at the top of this page, the text "Log in to Facebook" was entered here.
  2. Facebook application ID: The ID of the Facebook application that the visitors will grant the permissions to. To create a new Facebook application or to check what the App ID of an existing application is, see
  3. Facebook data permissions: Add one or more Facebook data permissions. This determines which information about the visitor can be accessed from their Facebook account. Type the user permission in the text box. To enter more than one permission, click [Add Facebook Data Permissions]. A new field will appear in which you can add another permission. Any Facebook permission can be entered; for a complete list of permissions, see

    After the visitor has granted the application access to the required permissions, nothing will happen. BlueConic is able to access the data related to the permissions but this plugin will not add any Facebook information to the visitor's profile.

    If you have installed the Facebook Connect - Profile Transfer plugin then that plugin will try to transfer Facebook information to the visitor's profile. This will happen after the visitor has successfully logged into Facebook and has granted the application the permissions.

    In addition to the default Facebook properties, the Facebook Connect - Profile Transfer plugin will also try to read the following user data: user_birthday, user_likes, read_stream.

    If you want to transfer other Facebook data than offered by the Facebook Connect - Profile Transfer plugin, perform the following steps:

    • Create a new plugin type, by copying
    • Change the plugin type code so it transfers the information you want to the visitor's BlueConic profile.
    • Make sure you don't use the default Facebook Connect - Profile Transfer listener after that.
    • Install your plugin that will transfer Facebook information to the visitor's BlueConic profile.
  4. Select Save to save your dialogue settings. 



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