Why is my Dialogue not working?

First make sure that the BlueConic Dialogue is actually eligible for execution on your page by opening the Journey Simulator and checking the Dialogues Widget.

How to tell if a content dialogue is turned on or off in the BlueConic CDP

The widget shows all Dialogues for the page shown in the Simulator grouped by position. The name of your dialogue or variant should be visible in the widget.

If it is not listed:

  • Hover over the position where you would expect your Dialogue to appear. See if one of the Dialogues lights up in the Dialogues Widget. Click on the "+" icon to see all Dialogues for that position.
  • Is the Dialogue configured for the right channel(s) on the "Where" tab?
  • Are there any URL restrictions? If so, make sure they are properly configured.

Is your Dialogue listed in the Dialogues Widget?

If it is listed with a red switch next to its name, then the Dialogue is not active. This may be intentional, in which case you can toggle the switch in the Simulator to make it act as if the Dialogue was active. If the Dialogue was supposed to be active:

  • Check if there are any restrictions on Start/End Date, Targets, or Frequency Caps under 'Advanced Settings' for the Dialogue.

    How to use the Dialogues widget to administer Dialogues in the BlueConic customer data platform (CDP)
  • Is the Dialogue interaction targeted at a specific segment of visitors? Check the "Who" tab. If so, make sure you are also part of that segment. The Simulator offers a configurable list of segments which you are part of.
  • Check the Optimization tab of your dialogue, specifically the distribution percentage of the original in the top row. Is there a chance that you randomly have been picked to be part of the control group? If so, try changing that percentage to 0 to eliminate the chance completely.

You can also click on the name of the Dialogue in the Dialogues Widget. This will show some information about it, plus a plain text explanation of the situation for the Dialogue:

How to use the Dialogues feedback box in the right-hand column in BlueConic

  • Is the name of the Dialogue in bold font? No? Perhaps there are other Dialogues configured at the same position. BlueConic will round-robin Dialogues which share the same position. You can force the Simulator to show a specific Dialogue by clicking the "eye" icon in front of the name.
  • Is the position of the Dialgoue interaction actually available on the page? Check the 'Position' column.
    in the Simulator. If the position is displayed in cursive font, then the position is not available.
  • Are there any JavaScript errors in the browser's console? If so, contact your customer success manager.


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