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Contacting BlueConic Support

The BlueConic Support team is here to help you resolve problems you might encounter. The best way to contact BlueConic Support is by submitting a request through our web form. You'll need to answer a few brief questions to file a support ticket or report an issue to our Support team.

How to submit a question or request to BlueConic Support

You will need to fill out the following fields on our support ticket form:

Your email address

Provide your work email address as provided to you by your company.


Enter a short summary clearly stating the issue. For example: SFTP Connection not importing dates correctly.

Thorough description of the problem

Provide a complete explanation of the problem and scenario that gives our team enough information to replicate the issue. In addition, please state your ultimate goal in solving this. We can often recommend a solution that avoids the current issue entirely. You can add screenshots in the "Attachments" section to illustrate the problem.


  • Normal: The software is operational with functional limitations or restrictions that are not critical to the overall system operation, and the defect has a moderate impact on BlueConic functionality. However, the application remains usable by all users. A functional error exists for which there is an acceptable work-around. Issues assigned this priority level cause no delays in production.
  • High: The software is operational with functional limitations or restrictions. High priority problems are those that have a large impact on the functionality of the application but do not require immediate release into the production environment. You are able to continue using BlueConic, but there is a known compatibility or operability disruption with no known acceptable work-around, or a minor functionality is missing.
  • Urgent: The software is non-operational, users cannot access the system, or its functionality is significantly decreased. The problem affects mission-critical functions or information in the production environment and may include, but not be limited to, data loss or corruption, system crash or major functionality is missing. This might include any defect related to safety, system availability, overall data integrity, or your ability to serve your customers. BlueConic will work continuously to resolve the issue or to restore production. Urgent is only a valid priority for BlueConic Production environments (not for sandboxes).

Tenant URL

The URL of your BlueConic tenant. For example:

Object URL

Optional. Include a link to the relevant BlueConic object (connection, listener, dialogue, etc.).


Optional. Include any screenshots, files, or documents needed to describe the issue.

Note about BlueConic Support Hours

The BlueConic Support Team is available Monday through Friday from 2:30am to 5:30pm ET, excluding public holidays. The table below lists the days the Support Team is offline or offering only limited support hours. In each case, support will resume the following business day.

Holiday Support
New Year's Day Closed
Martin Luther King Jr Day Limited
Easter Monday Limited
Ascension Day Limited
Pentecost Monday Limited
King's Day (NL) Limited
Memorial Day Limited
Juneteenth Limited
Independence Day Limited
Labor Day Limited
Indigenous People’s Day Limited
Thanksgiving Limited
Day after Thanksgiving Limited
Christmas Closed
Day after Christmas Limited


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