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Phone number cleansing data processor

In select BlueConic connections, you can use the Phone number cleansing data processor to normalize phone numbers to fix errors using an open library. This processor removes any alphabetic letters, special characters, or punctuation marks present in the phone number field. It also removes any invalid phone number conventions such as the repetition of all the same digits (ex. 11111111), not enough digits, or any value including "123456789."

Additionally, you can add a country code value and any phone number missing a code will have that value appended to the beginning of the field.

Adding this data processor to your tenant

To use the Phone number cleansing data processor, you first need to add it to your tenant through the Plugins page (BlueConic Settings > Plugins). Click the Add plugin button at the top of this page and look for "Normalize and cleanse phone numbers" in the gallery. Then, click the Add plugin button underneath its description to install it.

Adding this data processor to a connection

The Phone number cleansing data processor is available in all BlueConic connections that use data processors. You can review the complete list here.

Each of these connections has a specific step on its import and/or export goal page to add data processors (e.g., "Correct your files before the import," "Modify your data before the export"). In that step, use the search box to add "Normalize and cleanse phone numbers"; once added, it appears in a numbered list of data processors activated for that connection.

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For more information, review the full article Using data processors with BlueConic connections.

Configuring this data processor

The Phone number cleansing data processor requires some configuration to ensure that BlueConic imports or exports the data as specified. To make these configurations, click the cogwheel icon next to "Normalize and cleanse phone numbers" in the numbered list of data processors. This opens a window with the following settings:

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 10.33.11 AM.png

  • Phone number: Select the data field that contains the phone number that should be cleansed.
  • Country code: Select the field storing the country code you wish to use during cleansing. If a country code is not already present in a phone number field value, this code will be appended to the front of the phone number. However, if a country code is already present or the country code field is empty, it will be ignored. Note: Country codes need to be stored in ISO format (Ex. "NL" or "NLD" is supported but "Netherlands" is not).

Mistakes corrected by this data processor

When the Phone number cleansing data processor is added to a connection, it will make the following phone number corrections:

Correction Example phone number with error Example phone number cleansed
Adding a country code 0612059615 +31612059615
Removing hyphens 636-555-3226 +16365553226
Removing parentheses and spaces (06) 1205-9615 0612059615
Ignoring invalid phone numbers




no value


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