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Email cleansing data processor

using the Email Cleansing preprocessor with BlueConic connection to perform email cleaningIn select BlueConic connections, when setting up a data import or export, you can use the Email cleansing data processor to correct common typing mistakes found in email addresses, such as misspellings, flipped letters, and extra spaces. When this data processor is activated, it automatically spots and removes those mistakes, ensuring that all included email addresses are in the right format (and able to receive communications).

Adding this data processor to a connection

The Email cleansing data processor is available in all BlueConic connections that use data processors. You can review the complete list here.

Each of these connections has a specific step on its import and/or export goal page to add data processors (e.g., "Correct your files before the import," "Modify your data before the export"). In that step, use the search box to add "Email cleansing"; once added, it appears in a numbered list of data processors activated for that connection.

How to use data processors and pre-processors in BlueConic to do email cleaning

For more information, review the full article Using data processors with BlueConic connections.

Configuring this data processor

The Email cleansing data processor requires some configuration to ensure that BlueConic imports or exports the data correctly. To make these configurations, click the cog wheel icon next to "Email cleansing" in the numbered list of data processors. This opens a window with two configuration settings:

  • Email field: Select the field that contains the email address that should be cleansed.
  • Domain correction: Enable the checkbox to correct spelling mistakes in the domain of the email address. For instance, would become

How to clean up email formats in BlueConic using data processor and preprocessors

Mistakes corrected by this data processor

When the Email cleansing data processor is added to a connection, it will make the following email corrections:

Correction Example email with error Example email cleansed
Removing unnecessary capitalization
Normalizing characters blueconic179@man\ blueconic179@mañ
Removing extra spacing blueconic179
Removing duplicate @ signs
Removing invalid periods
Replacing commas with periods (after which any invalid periods are removed) ,blueconic,
Correcting invalid top-level domains blueconic179@gmail.gom
Removing duplicate top-level domains
Adding missing top-level domains blueconic179@gmail
Correcting spelling mistakes in domains (*when the Domain correction setting is enabled)
Removing invalid characters from domains (*when the Domain correction setting is enabled) blueconic179@gmail®.com

Note: This data processor also removes all email addresses with a junk domain (e.g.,

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