About BlueConic Profiles

The BlueConic customer data platform collects first-party data on individuals throughout the customer journey and across sessions and devices. BlueConic can build customer profiles progressively in real time for all the thousands or millions of visitors, prospects, and customers who visit your website--whether anonymous or known. BlueConic unifies these profiles with profiles available in existing systems like your CRM or email database. Profiles can have an infinite number of data points, which are unified and stored for each profile within your BlueConic database.

If you want to export entire segments of profiles at once, you can use the Profile Export connection.

Select Profiles from the BlueConic navigation bar to open the Profiles window, where you can browse all the first-party data that's been gathered for individual profiles.

How to collect customer in real-time customer profiles with the BlueConic customer data platform (CDP)

Searching customer profiles

You can search your database for relevant profiles by searching on a unique identifier or by segments of profiles:

How to examine your real-time customer profile data in the BlueConic customer data platform (CDP)

On unique identifier
Type the full value string of any profile property marked as unique identifier to match a profile with that value. Partial matches are not supported; you have to enter the entire identifier to match a profile.
By segment
Select a segment to see an overview of all profiles within that segment.

Viewing your existing customer profiles 

Existing profiles shows a list of all profiles that match the search criteria, or that are part of the segment you selected, displayed in a table:

How can I see a list of my BlueConic real-time customer profiles?

This list shows profiles and several of their profile properties. You customize which profile properties are listed in the display. Use the Columns menu to select the table columns to display in the overview; search for profile properties and select the ones you would like to include as columns in the display.

How can I customize the display of all my real-time customer profiles in a table in BlueConic?

Viewing Profile details on the Profile overview

Select individual profiles in the Existing profiles list to see the profile in detail.

The profile detail page opens in the profile overview panel. It shows a real-time summary of first-party data in the profile. Use the options in the left-hand column to view profile details, privacy management information, timeline events for the current profile, and a list of all profile properties associated with the profile.

How to see details on real-time customer data in BlueConic customer profiles

Profile overview

The profile overview shows a summary of the data available in the profile:

  • Some quick facts about this profile's online behavior
  • Segments this profile is part of
  • Lifecycles (and their lifecycle stages) this profile is part of
  • Groups this profile is part of
    Note: The Groups section appears in the profile summary only after you've created a Group in BlueConic and added profiles to it. Contact your BlueConic Customer Success Manager to learn more.
  • Behavioral scores that show this customer's frequency, level of activity, intensity, and momentum
  • Locations that this profile has visited
  • Interests related to the profile, including those collected by the Interest Ranker Listener
  • Connections to other marketing systems that this profile has been associated with

The richness of this overview of course depends heavily on the amount of available information in the profile.

Tip: Use the left and right arrow keys to quickly navigate from one profile to the next without having to go back to the list.

Profile privacy management

Select Profile privacy management to see the current privacy settings for the profile, such as legislation, permission level, objectives this profile has either consented to or refused, and privacy event logs for this profile.

BlueConic profile timeline

The Profile timeline view shows a log of events marked as "Timeline events" for the current profile. You can import Timeline events via CSV files from the Amazon Web Services (S3) Connection or the SFTP Connection to BlueConic. For more information on marking an event as a Timeline event, contact BlueConic support.

How to visualize BlueConic Timeline events such as product orders for real-time customer profiles in BlueConic

Use the All event types dropdown menu to select BlueConic Timeline event types to view. 

How do view Timeline event types in the BlueConic real-time customer data platform (CDP)?

All profile properties

Select All profile properties tab to display a table showing all profile properties.

How to display real-time profile properties and real-time customer data in BlueConic

By default only profile properties with a value are shown. Clearing the checkbox lists all profile properties without a value, too.

Users whose role has permission to Edit profiles can modify, delete, or download profiles.

  • Modify: In the All profile properties tab, select a value to modify it or add additional values for a profile property.
    How to choose which real-time customer profile properties to display in BlueConic
  • Delete: Use the Save dropdown menu in the top right corner and select Delete. Note: This deletion is permanent.
    How to save, download, or  delete real-time customer profiles in BlueConic
  • Download profile: Use the Save dropdown menu in the top right corner and select Download profile to receive a JSON file containing the profile and all values associated with it.

Learn more about real-time customer profiles in BlueConic

You store customer and visitor information in BlueConic profiles using profile properties. Learn more about capturing customer data in profile properties in BlueConic