Marketo Connection

What: The Marketo Connection will allow field values to be retrieved from Marketo lists and stored into BlueConic profiles.

About BlueConic: BlueConic is a Customer Data Platform that harnesses the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem. Click here to learn more.

Why: Marketo is already part of your marketing stack. Use this connection to use first party data from your stack to enrich information your known users, whether it was collected by BlueConic or integrated through another BlueConic connection.

Configuring the connection

Start by creating a new connection and connecting Marketo to BlueConic. This requires three settings:

Client ID
Create an authentication client id in your Marketo environment and enter it here.
Client secret
Enter the client secret that was generated in the Marketo environment, as explained in the authentication link above.
Client identity url
Enter the identity url of your Marketo environment, which is found in the "Admin > Web Services" menu in the REST API section. For more information, see the authentication link above.

Save your connection.

Import settings

With Marketo and BlueConic now being able to communicate, you now can configure the import settings of the connection:

List(s) to import data from
Select the Marketo lists you want to import data from by searching their names. You can delete already selected lists by clicking the delete ("x") icon behind the name.
Matching profile property
Select the BlueConic profile property that will be used to match Marketo list entries to BlueConic profiles. Typically this would be "Email Address", but you can select any other profile property that you would like to see matched.
Allow Marketo to create new profiles within BlueConic
Activate this box if you want Marketo list entries that do not match any BlueConic profiles to generate a new BlueConic profile. Note that these profiles will remain dormant as long as no visitor matches them. Using merging a visitor's profile can be merged with the dormant profile as soon as a visitors email address is captured on your channel. Thanks to the merge, the information imported from Marketo will be instantly usable.


All that remains is to make a mapping that instructs the connection on where and how to store Marketo information into BlueConic profile properties.

The standard mapping instructs the connection to set the value of four Marketo fields into four BlueConic profile properties. You can map extra fields by clicking "Add mapping", selecting a Marketo field label and a BlueConic profile property and determining how to set the profile values. The three choices are "set" (set the value, overwriting an existing value in the profile property), "set if empty" (set the value, but never overwrite an existing value in the profile property) and "add" (for numerical values; mathematically add the new value to the existing value).

If you want to remove a mapping, hover over the rule and click the delete icon "x" at the right hand side.


The Marketo Connection is a standard plugin.