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Troubleshooting automatic logouts

Troubleshooting information for BlueConic with z-scaler / zscaler: How to make sure BlueConic recognizes your IP addresses and whitelists your IP addressIf you are a BlueConic user and find that you are logged out of BlueConic unexpectedly, the two most common reasons for this are:

  • IP Checking: Your site might employ an online security system that masks your IP location. 
  • Automatic timeouts after a period of inactivity: You site administrator may enforce logouts after a set period of inactivity.

IP checking

When you log into BlueConic, the system recognizes your IP location and enables you to remain logged in during a work session. However, if your site uses a cloud security provider such as Zscaler to route Internet traffic, this IP location changes frequently, potentially logging you out of BlueConic.

If your cloud security provider changes IP addresses frequently and this causes frequent logouts, you can register your IP address(es) with BlueConic to ensure your BlueConic users are recognized even if their IP addresses changes.

How to report your variable IP address configuration to BlueConic

  1. Contact the IT or Security team at your site. Ask them to check the Zscaler cloud console (or equivalent IP-masking platform) and obtain the IP ranges they currently use.
  2. Contact BlueConic Support to provide these IP ranges so the BlueConic On-Demand team can add them to your BlueConic tenant's configuration files.
  3. Now BlueConic will recognize the users at your site, even if their IP address changes during a login session.

If you have questions or to register your IP addresses with us, contact your BlueConic Success Manager or our Support Team.

Automatic timeouts

By default, BlueConic user sessions time out after a period of inactivity for 60 minutes (or when you close the browser or explicitly log out). The maximum length of a BlueConic session is 24 hours.

Custom inactivity timeout period for BlueConic sessions

However, the Application Manager at your BlueConic site can set a custom inactivity timeout that determines when BlueConic user session automatically time out after a period of inactivity. Your BlueConic site administrator (or a user to whom the site administrator grants this privilege) can customize the inactivity timeout period to a setting between 30 and 60 minutes. If your user role does not include this permission, you cannot view or alter this timeout period.

For details on the inactivity timeout setting, review the Access management article. Contact the BlueConic Application Manager at your site for details on your site's inactivity settings.

Note about automatic logouts and the BlueConic Chrome Extension

Using the BlueConic Chrome Extension impacts the inactivity timeout setting, because the Chrome Extension triggers a Chrome request every minute to keep track of registered channels and inject the BlueConic script. This behavior may extend the user session because of these requests, and delay or prevent an inactivity timeout.


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