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Allowing profiles to reenter a Lifecycle

Your end-users and customers who complete your lifecycle by meeting the lifecycle completion criteria are a valuable cohort. Profiles can cycle through a lifecycle multiple times (if your lifecycle entry and completion criteria make that possible). For example, a subscription renewal lifecycle might target profiles in the last month of their subscription, and set lifecycle completion criteria as 'Subscription end date not within the next 30 days AND currently subscribed.' This use case should be set up without the reentry features. 

For a more complex use case, you may need to specifically enable profiles to reenter the lifecycle. For example if you declare a lifecycle as complete when a profile makes a purchase and becomes a customer, you can use lifecycle reentry options to enable those profiles to reenter the lifecycle to make additional purchases.

Lifecycle reentry options

To help streamline your customer lifecycles, you can count a profile as having completed a lifecycle and allow profiles to reenter that lifecycle based on signals about customer's interest or eligibility. 

This article describes how to establish that a customer has completed a lifecycle and how to enable profiles to reenter a lifecycle they have previously completed. There are two steps to take:

  1. First, establish a lifecycle completion event, which marks a successful journey using a date-time profile property (e.g. customer makes a purchase, signs up for a program, joins a loyalty club, etc.).
  2. Next, enable profiles to reenter a lifecycle by setting a new event that signals a profile's interest or eligibility to reenter the lifecycle.

How to enable customers to repeate customer journeys through BlueConic lifecycles

Setting a lifecycle completion event

Using lifecycle completion criteria, you define when a customer completes or finishes a lifecycle by setting conditions. Depending on your goals or the customer journey you can set a time-based event (for example, completing a purchase) that must occur in order for a profile to successfully complete the lifecycle.

You do this by selecting a time-based profile property that marks a profile as having successfully completed a specified event during the lifecycle. 


  1. Click Completion criteria in the right-hand corner of the Lifecycle.
  2. Enable the Select lifecycle completion event option.
  3. Select a date or time-based profile property.
  4. If the event specified here occurred during the lifecycle, the profile is considered to have completed the lifecycle.

Allowing profiles able to reenter a lifecycle

To enable customers who have already completed the lifecycle to journey through it again, you can mark an additional event -- renewed interest in purchasing something, for example.


Follow these steps to specify what event should allow profiles to journey through the lifecycle again:

  1. Open the Lifecycle completion criteria in the top right corner of the Lifecycle screen.
  2. In addition to enabling the "Select lifecycle completion event" box, enable the second checkbox to "Allow profiles to reenter the lifecycle." 
  3. Select a date-time profile property for an event whose timestamp occurs after the profile already completed the lifecycle. For example, a renewed interest in purchasing something, or another action that signifies interest in reentering the lifecycle. 
  4. Save your settings.
    BlueConic will clear data for the events marking the profile's first lifecycle journey, in order to allow the profile to journey through and complete the lifecycle again.

For more information on the Lifecycles feature, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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