Lifecycles FAQ

Can a profile be part of more than one lifecycle?

Yes. A profile can be part of one or more lifecycles for which it meets the lifecycle criteria.

Can profiles appear in multiple stages?

Not at the same time. Stages are mutually exclusive, meaning a profile, and therefore a person, cannot belong to two stages at the same time within the same lifecycle. Should a profile meet the criteria for more than one stage, they will be placed in the highest-numbered stage that is further along in the lifecycle. 

What are marketing touchpoints?

Touchpoints are associated with lifecycle stages. They can include both BlueConic dialogues and connections.

Can a connection goal appear in multiple stages in the same lifecycle?


Can a connection goal be part of multiple lifecycles?

No. A connection goal that is placed in a lifecycle cannot be used in other lifecycles -- nor can it be used outside the lifecycle. To reuse a connection goal in multiple lifecycles, create a copy or duplicate the goal.

Which touchpoints count toward the stage threshold?

Dialogue touchpoints and most connection goals count toward the stage thresholds. Some connection touchpoints, because of how they work, do not count toward the threshold. (These exceptions are marked with the infinity icon.)

Thresholds: Is the threshold setting applicable only to a single Lifecycle? Or is the setting used across Lifecycles?

The threshold setting applies exclusively to a Lifecycle and stage you set it in. It does not apply across Lifecycles, or outside of the current Lifecycle.

If a touchpoint dialogue appears in two stages, and each stage has thresholds to cap frequency, is it possible for a profile to see the dialogue twice? 

Yes, the stage threshold caps frequency only inside a stage, not over the whole lifecycle. So a profile could be exposed to the same touchpoint in stage 2 and again in stage 3, for example. 

How do I test Lifecycles?

Use the BlueConic Simulator to test how profiles move through stages, and which dialogues are shown and connection goals active in lifecycle stages. The Simulator helps you make sure the lifecycle is behaving the way you intend. 

How many stages and touchpoints are in a lifecycle?

You can add up  10 stages to a Lifecycle (including the "Profiles not assigned" category)and an unlimited number of touchpoints.

What statistics are available for Lifecycles?

The Lifecycles UI shows these statistics for each Lifecycle:

  • Number of profiles in the lifecycle
  • Number of profiles in each stage
  • Number of profiles that have met the completion criteria (completed) of the lifecycle

Access to the Lifecycles feature

For information on accessing the Lifecycles feature, contact your BlueConic Customer Success Manager.