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Overview: Timeline events in BlueConic

In addition to storing information about a profile in profile properties, BlueConic stores time-based data on events that occur for a profile, such as product orders, page views, clicks, etc.

Events are stored on each BlueConic profile's Timeline to capture information about timing and sequence of events. 

BlueConic data structure for events, profiles, and groups

Events are data points tied to the BlueConic Timeline of a customer's profile, for example an order the customer has placed, or a subscription event. This example data structure shows how BlueConic customer profiles can also have related event timelines, and how profiles can be part of groups such as households, companies, or accounts.

What is the data structure / architecture for BlueConic Timeline events, groups, and customer profiles?

What can I do with Timeline events?

Storing relevant customer events in profiles enables marketing teams to do much deeper analysis and data collection that is time-based. There are many ways you can use Timeline events in BlueConic:

  • Use the more granular, time-based data in events for better insight and greater data activation and targeting.
  • Serve improved recommendations that account for which products have been bought, both by the current profile and overall statistics for products bought by others.
  • Find greater opportunities for personalization based on customer order data.
  • Calculate profile properties based on events in individual profile Timelines by running timeline event rollup queries. Use that profile data for segmentation, data activation, or machine learning and AI transaction-based calculations.
  • Evaluate customer data based on time.

Where can I see Timeline events in BlueConic?

Timeline events are visible in the Profiles tab for a particular profile. Select Profile Timeline to see details on events for a profile's Timeline. Note that you first have to add or import Timeline events to a profile in order for Timeline events to appear here. Use the All event types dropdown menu to select the event types to appear in the timeline. Then you can see details for specific dates or events. 

profiles-timeline-events-3-no menu.png

You can also see Timeline events in the BlueConic Simulator

What is the BlueConic customer data platform simulator? 

Click Show all timeline events in the Simulator to open a lightbox listing all events related to the current profile. Learn more about the high or low priority setting for Timeline events.

What kinds of events does BlueConic store in customer profiles

Data visibility and timeline events

BlueConic protects sensitive data by limiting data visibility by user role. Event and profile data in BlueConic can have a data sensitivity setting of PII (for personally identifiable information) or non-PII. Only BlueConic users whose role includes data visibility for sensitive PII data can view this data in the platform. Data marked as non-PII is visible to all BlueConic users. Learn more about BlueConic roles and data visibility.

Create and manage timeline event types

BlueConic offers a set of default, out-of-the-box Timeline event types, and you can also create custom Timeline event types to suit your data. Select Timeline event types from the BlueConic navigation menu to see the range of event types in your tenant. See Creating custom Timeline event types for details on creating or customizing your event types.

Query timeline event data and roll results up into profile properties

Use the Basic Query Builder for timeline event rollups to query timeline event data and store the results in profile properties. Timeline event rollups take into account data retention and data updates to ensure your query is refreshed appropriately. Create new segments or augment your CDP use cases based on data stored in the profile timeline. Learn more about timeline event rollups

Questions? See the FAQ

See our FAQ on BlueConic Timeline Events

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