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Notebook - All cells Insight

Use this insight in a BlueConic dashboard to shows the output of the last successful execution of an AI Workbench notebook.

The AI Workbench Notebook - All cells insight and its controls

You can add this insight to a BlueConic dashboard. When you configure the insight, you can select a notebook to visualize the output of all cells, or filter the output based on tags (you specify which cells by tagging them in the notebook).

This example shows the execution of an AI Workbench notebook.

How do I visualize the results of AI Workbench machine learning Jupyter notebooks in BlueConic?


How do I visualize the results of AI Workbench machine learning notebooks with BlueConic insights dashboards?

Notebook (required)

Select or enter the name of the AI Workbench notebook whose output the insight will display.

Tags (optional)

You can show the output of specific cells by tagging cells in the AI Workbench Jupyter notebook. In the Jupyter interface, you use View > Cell Toolbar > Tags to add tags manually, or use the Edit tags interface in Jupyter. When configuring this insight, you can choose to show the output of tagged cells by entering the tag name(s) here.

Show output stream

Choose whether to show the output stream and error messages for the notebook or selected tagged cells. 

In order for the insight to display results, you need to execute or run the AI Workbench notebook first.

See also

To display the last execution of a single notebook cell, use the Notebook - Single cell insight.

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