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Recommendations: Top items Insight

BlueConic provides personalization tools that deliver 1:1 content and product recommendations using machine learning algorithms. You can use the Recommendations: Top items insight to see which personalized content or product recommendations are receiving the most clicks or views.

How to create a Recommendations: Top Items Insight in BlueConic

  1. Open (or create) a BlueConic Dashboard.
  2. Click Add Insight and search for 'Recommendations' in the list of available insight types.
  3. Select the Recommendations: Top Items Insight plugin. It's created and placed on the current Dashboard.
    When the insight appears, click Configure this Insight to choose the product or content collector and metric to display in the insight.

How to see personalization results in BlueConic

The insight shows a scrollable list of the top 50 personalized content or product recommendations, for a specific Content Collector or Product Collector connection, with the number of views or clicks recorded.

How to find the best content recommendations and product recommendations for personalization with the BlueConic customer data platform (CDP)

Configuring the top recommendations insight

To create the insight, select Insights from the BlueConic menu, create or select a dashboard, click Add insight, and select Recommendations: Top items. Select Configure this insight or select the configuration icon (cog wheel) to set up the insight.


Choose a Product Collector or Content Collector whose top recommendations you want to visualize in the insight. This drop-down menu shows the product and content collectors in your tenant. To create a new collector, see Product Collector or Content Collector connections.


Choose whether to display the views or clicks for the top recommended items.

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