FAQ: AI Workbench

Answers to your questions about the BlueConic AI Workbench.

Q: How can I get started with AI Workbench?

A: See the documentation on getting started with AI Workbench and also the AI Workbench API. Contact your BlueConic Customer Success Manager or contact us to learn more about AI Workbench.

Q: I'm new to Jupyter and Python. Where can I learn more?

A: Here are some helpful guides for working with Jupyter notebooks:

Q: Where can I find the AI Workbench API reference?

A: See the AI Workbench API page for reference documentation.

Q: I'm a developer working in a Jupyter notebook, and I don't see the changes that another user has applied to my notebook code.

A: While your notebook (kernel) is running, you and your colleague can each work on your own version of the same notebook. If your colleague opens your notebook, makes changes, and saves the notebook, you would need to refresh your browser window in order to see the updated version of the notebook

If you leave a notebook without saving, then the next time you reopen the notebook, the last saved version of the notebook is loaded. If your kernel is terminated (manually or automatically) the latest saved version will be shown when you open the notebook again.