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Profile Identifiers Insight

The Profile Identifiers insight shows which unique identifiers are known for a selected segment of profiles. For example, the identifier might be login name, email address, customer ID, or phone number.

Using the Profile Identifiers insight, you can see what percentage of profiles in the selected segment have an email address, for example. Having this insight helps you to target customers and visitors -- and also to know which unique identifier to target for future data collection. You can use this insight for your marketing analytics, for reporting on targeting and customer data collection.

The Profile Identifiers Insight and its controls

To create a Profile Identifiers insight, open a BlueConic dashboard, click Add insight, and choose Profile Identifiers. The Profile Identifiers insight is added to your dashboard, using the default segment "All Visitors" for the display.

The insight shows the Segment name ("All visitors"), and charts the Profile identifier names and  number of profiles for this segment with that unique identifier.

how do I visualize unique identifiers in unified, first-party customer data profiles in the BlueConic CDP?

Note: When a profile has two identifiers (for example, Email address and Phone number), it will appear twice in the insight, once for each identifier.

Configuring the Profile Identifiers Insight

BlueConic uses the profile properties you have marked as 'unique identifier' when selecting which identifiers appear in this insight.

You can customize your view by selecting a different segment, or changing from vertical to horizontal bar chart. You can also choose the color to display insight values. Remember to Save your settings.

How do I use BlueConic dashboards and insights to visualize first-party customer data in BlueConic unified customer profiles?



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