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Prevent and recover funnel abandonment

BlueConic CDP use case to prevent shopping cart abandonment and funnel abandonmentBlueConic supports your CDP use cases with rich first-party data capabilities. Any strategy to prevent and recover users who abandon your funnel (e.g. shopping cart) needs to include the ability to identify abandoners at varying stages of the funnel. Using out-of-the-box tools from BlueConic, you can create targeted messaging to visitors within various stages of your marketing funnel.

CDP Use Case: Preventing and recovering funnel or cart abandonment

Before you begin

While you can measure the results of your funnel abandonment campaign within BlueConic, you may wish to do additional analysis outside of BlueConic within a tool such as GA4. In order to do this, you will need to establish a Connection to Google Analytics 4. Set this connection up before you create your funnel abandonment campaign.

Define your audience

Create (or, if already created, identify) the segments you want to target. For a funnel abandonment use case, you will want to create a segment that identifies visitors who have abandoned their journey at specific points along the purchase funnel.

Collect data

BlueConic has two tools you can use to create segments that identify site visitors who have abandoned the funnel: the Funnel Listener and the Funnel Insight Dashboard.

Create a Funnel Listener

  • Your first step in collecting data about the customer's journey is to add the Funnel Listener.
  • The Funnel Listener automatically creates profile properties in customers' profiles to track the following:
    • Funnel Steps: Track all steps the user has taken in the funnel.
    • Last Field: Tracks any field that was in view when the user stopped in the form and is on a page within the funnel.
    • Busy with Funnel: Lists the name of the funnel the user has entered (in cases where you have multiple funnels).
    • Last step: Tracks the last step the user made it to in the funnel.

Create a Funnel Insight Dashboard

  • Now create a Funnel Insight Dashboard, so you can visualize site visitors as they interact with each step of purchasing funnel.
  • You can use the results from this tool to create segments to target. You can further hone segments that represent customer or visitors who have abandoned at a specific step, such as when creating an account or entering payment information.

    How to prevent and recover shopping cart abandonment and funnel abandonment with a BlueConic customer data platform (CDP)

Activate data

To put the Funnel Listener to work, create a Dialogue to deliver messaging to one or more segments. A dialogue can be a notification bar, lightbox, or toaster, for example.

BlueConic's out-of-the-box templates include “Traffic Redirect” options that let you to enter a message (for example, "Finish your purchase today!”) and configure a button to return the visitor to the funnel.

Here's an example using the Lightbox – Traffic Redirect template:

How to prevent marketing funnel abandonment with a BlueConic customer data platform (CDP)

Define a conversion moment

For your funnel abandonment dialogue, you will want to track views, clicks, and ultimately conversions (for example, those who made a purchase). Use the Why tab of the Dialogue to define a Conversion moment in BlueConic.

Before you begin, take note of the URL that your customers and visitors see after completing a purchase (for example, the confirmation page or 'thank you for your purchase' page).

Complete the following steps on the Why tab of your Dialogue:

  1. On the Why tab of your Dialogue, click Add conversion moment.
    How to add a conversion moment to a BlueConic CDP dialogue
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Web: URL.
    How to prevent shopping cart and funnel abandonment with a BlueConic customer data platform
  3. A rule now appears under the Conversion moment heading. Click the red portion, enter URL. Enter the URL that is shown to your visitors and customers once they complete a purchase.
    How do I create a Conversion moment in the BlueConic customer data platform?
  4. Click Save in the upper right corner.

Measure your results

To measure the success of your funnel abandonment campaign, you will want to consider the following metrics:

  • Increase in Lead to Sale Conversion Rate
  • Change abandonment rate from X to Y (down)
  • Increase Funnel Velocity (reduce the time spent in each funnel stage)

You may already be measuring these metrics in other systems. Consult with your BlueConic CSM to determine how best to share BlueConic data with those systems.

View results in BlueConic

Use the Dialogue Optimization tab in BlueConic to view metrics related to your Dialogue’s performance. You can view clicks, views, and conversions.
How do I optimize marketing content in BlueConic?

You can customize a BlueConic Dialogue performance reports with detailed metrics on how content and variants are performing. Learn more about using a Dialogue performance report.

View results in Google Analytics 4

In addition to using BlueConic insights to report on the click through rate of your content recommendations dialogues, you can also use Google Analytics 4.

Note: Before proceeding with the below steps, you must first establish a Google Analytics 4 Connection from your BlueConic tenant.

To send click events to Google Analytics 4 for your Dialogue, use one of the following options:

  • Submit Google Analytics 4 events using a BlueConic form button
  • Submit Google Analytics 4 events using a BlueConic hyperlink

Submit Google Analytics 4 events using a BlueConic form button

To send Google Analytics 4 event data, complete the following steps:

  1. On the What tab, click Edit to edit the dialogue.
  2. Double-click the button. The Form editor opens.
  3. Click the last tab, labeled Submit settings.
    How do I use Google Analytics with BlueConic via the Google Analytics connection?
  4. Click Add action. From the drop-down list, select Execute JavaScript.
  5. Enter the following:
    ga('send', 'event', 'bc_dialogue', 'bc_offer', 'bc_name_of_dialogue');
    How do I create JavaScript conversion moments with Google Analytics and BlueConic?

Submit Google Analytics 4 events using a BlueConic hyperlink

If you are using a link within a BlueConic dialogue, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the dialogue and click the What tab.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the edit button. Select Edit HTML.
  3. Locate the hyperlink in question within the HTML.
  4. Add the following bolded text:
<a href="https://www.someURL.comonclick="ga('send', 'event', 'bc_dialogue', 'bc_offer', 

'bc_name_of_dialogue');">Your link text</a>


  • bc_dialogue can refer to the fact that the click was generated from a BlueConic dialogue.
  • bc_offer can refer to the fact that the click was for an offer.
  • bc_name_of_dialogue can refer specifically to the name of the dialogue in question.

With this level of click detail in GA4, you will not only be able to attribute clicks from BlueConic dialogues (in general) but also from funnel abandonment clicks.

Looking ahead

Now that you have developed tools for preventing funnel abandonment, consider the following enhancements:

  • If known visitors (meaning you have their email address) abandon a shopping cart, send the segment of cart abandoners to your ESP for further targeting via email.
  • Consider sending site browsing data to your ESP or CRM to target people who've abandoned a cart with special promotions via email or onsite messaging.

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