Funnel (Insight)

The Funnel Insight displays visitors reaching various touch points in a multi step funnel. To be able to use the insight you need to configure Funnel listening to define the touch points for each step in the funnel.

The Funnel Visualization graph

Below is an example of what a Funnel insight could look like:

The graph above displays four steps that together form the funnel. These steps are taken directly from the configured Funnel listener. The first step is shown on top, with the next step below, and so on. For each step the number of unique visitor profiles is shown in a bar whose width is relative to the widest bar.

Important characteristics of each step are shown:

  • Abandoners: visitors that somehow never made it to the next step in the funnel.
  • Stayers: visitors that continue to the next step in the funnel. This is of course directly related to the abandoners: visitors that do not abandon, continue.
  • New visitors: these visitors landed directly on a funnel step, skipping earlier steps.
  • The total number of visitors for the step. This equals the number of visitors who reached the previous step plus new visitors to the step. The number is both displayed in text and also represented as a bar whose width is relative to the widest bar. It also displays the relative portions of visitors that visited the previous step (in dark green) versus the new visitors (in light green).

To the right of the bar is a red arrow representing the percentage of visitors that abandon the funnel - in other words: visitors who never make it to the next step in the funnel. Below the bar is an arrow representing the percentage of visitors that did make it to the next step in the funnel.

Abandoner details

Details on abandoners can be inspected by clicking the "Abandoner details" link:

If the step was displaying a form, the details will display an overview of which field was in focus for how many of the abandoners.

To help you recapture abandoners, the details offers two buttons:

  • Click New segment to create a segment for visitors that abandon the funnel at this step. For example, you could use this segment to retarget visitors elsewhere.
  • Click New dialogue to create a dialogue aimed at visitors that abandon the funnel at this step. 


Funnel listener
Select the Funnel listener that defines the steps of the funnel. The pulldown menu automatically picks up all active Funnel listeners.
Restrict the data used for the graph to the selected segment. By default this is "All Visitors", meaning there is no restriction. Search another segment if you want to limit the scope of the graph.
New visitors
Determine whether or not new visitors should be included in the graph. If you deselect the checkbox only visitors that progress though the entire funnel starting from the first step will be displayed.


The Funnel Insight is a standard plugin


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