Retrieve consent with a BlueConic form using the “Manage consent” toolbar component


This example explicitly asks for consent to a number of objectives in a lightbox shown to non-EU visitors that have not provided consent yet. The “Manage consent” component is purely focused on showing a list of objectives to the visitor. Take the following steps to use the “Manage consent” toolbar component:

  1. Click Add dialogue to create a new dialogue.
  2. On the Who tab, define a Dialogue specific segment as shown below:


  1. On the What tab, Edit the contents of the lightbox and open the Insert object menu and select Privacy management components.006-edit-toolbar.png
  2. An overlay appears; click Manage consent:
  3. The contents of the overlay changes. Use the Search or the Add multiple objectives option to select the objectives you want to show to the visitor:
  4. Click the Settings tab to manage the appearance of the objectives, set the text for the submit button and define what should happen after the visitor has pressed the submit button:

This is an example of how to retrieve consent when serving international customers from US and EU.