Privacy Management Components in Dialogues

When editing a Dialogue from the What tab, you can access the Privacy Management Components from the Insert object drop-down list in the Dialogue toolbar.


Select Privacy Management Components to view six options for creating Dialogues that can help you with GDPR compliance, for example by creating a privacy management center for the visitor.


The six Privacy Management Components are:

  • Manage consent: Consent, refuse, or withdraw objections
  • Link to privacy settings: A click throws an event to open privacy settings
  • Contact form: Ask for profile data, rectification, or erasure
  • Profile overview table: Table with (a selection of) data saved about visitor
  • Download profile: Button to download visitor's BlueConic profile
  • Delete profile: Button to delete visitor's BlueConic profile

Manage consent


The Manage consent component asks your customers for consent with regard to all or some of your Objectives. Your Objectives can be re-ordered or deleted.

In the Settings, you can select a template for this component and customize text for buttons. You can also filter out purposes that already have consent, and you can opt to only show Objectives that have been shown at least once before. Using the Filter option you can choose to add a filter to ask for consent for objectives your customer or visitor hasn't consented to yet, or only show objectives they either consented to or refused.


In the Show text settings, you can choose the text to show after the visitor consents or refuses consent using the Show text settings and by clicking Add action. Options for Add action include:

  • Close the overlay
  • Show inline text
  • Throw event (choose an existing event or create a new one here)
  • Execute JavaScript
  • Refresh page
  • Redirect
  • Set / add value into profile property - You can add or set a value or a timestamp into an existing profile property. Note that the value must be of the correct data type for the profile property or it will not be stored. For example, if the data type of the profile property is "text" any value can be stored. Time and date values can be added to existing profile properties of the "date time" data type. Learn more about profile property data types.

Creating a new event


Adding a date time value to a profile property


Link to privacy settings


The Link to privacy settings component shows your customer a link that takes them to their privacy settings. You can customize the link text. When a customer clicks the link, BlueConic triggers the GDPR privacy settings event.

Contact form


The Contact form component handles settings for your website's front end as well as settings for the email sent to your customer after they've submitted a request.

On the Website text tab, you can customize form fields. On the Email settings tab, you can customize the email sent to your customer.

Tip: After receiving a rectification request from a customer, you should manually change the customer's profile in BlueConic and acknowledge that you have made the correction.

Profile overview table


The Profile overview table component shows your customer a table with known values for their profile. BlueConic's platform generates these values. You can customize the column titles. 

Only profile properties with the Visitor access setting set to Read are shown. You can change this setting on each profile property.

Download profile


The Download profile component allows your customer to download a JSON file with known values for their profile. BlueConic's platform generates these values. You can set the download to begin upon the customer clicking a button, or you can set the download to start automatically.

Only profile properties with the Visitor access settings set to Read are shown. You can change this setting on each profile property.

Delete profile


The Delete profile component lets your customer request the erasure of all their data from BlueConic. You can customize the button text and show an additional consent checkbox. Once your customer clicks the button on this component, BlueConic erases their profile and removes cookies in their browser. After their profile is deleted, the customer has a "level 0" profile.