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Setting up privacy for international audiences, including EU residents

Whether your primary audience consists of EU residents, or your audience is international including EU residents, you will want to engage them in a way that complies with GDPR, UK GDPR, or other privacy legislations supported in BlueConic such as CCPA/CPRA. Follow the instructions below to do this with BlueConic:

However, if you mainly serve visitors from outside the EU, you can follow another strategy.


Define your objectives

BlueConic objectives play the central role in the whole setup:

  • Visitors have to give consent to the objectives you offer them
  • You use the objectives to limit the execution of an item

You can define as many objectives as you want on the Objectives menu:

How do GDPR and CCPA affect privacy objectives in BlueConic to manage privay and consent?

 Add a new objective:

  1. Click Add objective.
  2. Enter a name for the objective.
  3. Verify the Objective ID, as you cannot change this once the objective has been saved.
  4. Next to "Required consent," check the boxes for Europe (GDPR) and United Kingdom (UK GDPR), as well any other relevant legislation zones. Visitors within the selected zones will be asked to provide consent so that items in the objective (e.g., Dialogues, Listeners) can access their profile.
    • Note: Only legislation zones that are enabled on the Privacy settings page are available for selection on objectives. Each zone is designated as either opt-in or opt-out in regard to consent, as discussed in the article Privacy Settings.
  5. Enter a descriptive Consent title, which is the title the visitor will see when consenting to the objective.
  6. Enter a Consent description, which should describe the consent given in easy-to-understand terms to the visitor.
  7. Place items in the objective by selecting them. Review also: The impact of placing an item in an objective.


Dialogues and objectives

When creating a segment on the Segment tab or on the Who tab of a dialogue, you can make use of three profile properties that were introduced specifically for the GDPR:

  • Privacy legislation – Contains the value “GDPR” for people coming from one of the countries that the GDPR legislation applies to. Otherwise it contains the value “NONE.”
  • Consented objectives – Contains the objectives that the visitor consented to.
  • Refused objectives – Contains the objectives that the visitor refused.

Use these profile properties to target your dialogue at a specific audience. In the screenshot below the dialogue is shown to visitors coming from the GDPR zone that have not given an answer to the four listed objectives.

compliance with GDPR and CCPA through privacy consent center in BlueConic

Retrieve consent

Once you have created the objectives, you can now set up the dialogues to ask for consent for the objectives. There are several ways of doing this, so we provided three examples to illustrate. The first two examples show how to make BlueConic display a form to the visitor asking for consent. The third example shows what to do when you already have created your own form asking for consent, in which case you use a BlueConic listener to place the answer in the visitor’s profile.


Set up the visitor’s Privacy Center

A “Privacy Center” is an area on your channel where the visitor of your channel can manage personal privacy settings. BlueConic offers features to easily set up the following items for the privacy center:

  • Overview of consented / refused objectives
  • Profile overview (This overview may contain personally identifiable information. It is recommended to only show personally identifiable information to its rightful owner, e.g. to visitors who are logged in)
  • Download profile option (Similar to the Profile overview; make sure that personally identifiable information is only shown to its rightful owner)
  • Delete profile option
  • Contact form

Read how to set up the visitor's Privacy Center for the details.

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