Objectives overview

The BlueConic Objectives object keeps track of GDPR purposes. Objectives help you keep track of the purposes for which you store data and for which purposes actions are taken.

What You Need

To use Objectives, you must:

  • Have the "Objectives" permission or the default permission associated with one of the following roles:
    • Application Manager
    • Online Marketer
    • BlueConic Support
  • Enable the GDPR feature on the Privacy tab under Settings.

Viewing Objectives

Navigate to the Objectives tab by clicking More in the Navigation bar and then clicking Objectives.


On the Objectives tab, you can see a table of your organization's purposes with the following default columns:

  • Name
  • Consent enabled
  • Last consent
  • Consent %
  • Last modified


You can add more columns to this table through the Columns drop-down list:

  • Favorites
  • Name
  • ID
  • Consent enabled
  • Last consent
  • Consent %
  • Times used
  • Labels
  • Created by
  • Last modified by
  • Created 
  • Last modified

You can filter Objectives through the Filters drop-down list:

  • Labels
  • Last modified
  • Creation date
  • Created by
  • Last modified by
  • Favorites
  • Consent enabled

Adding Objectives

To add an Objective, follow these steps.

  1. From the Objectives tab, click Add objective. A page for the new Objective opens.


  2. Enter a name for the Objective in the text box.
  3. An Objective ID is given automatically. To edit the Objective ID, click it and enter new text.
  4. Check the Consent management box if your customer needs to have given consent before the items in this Objective can access their profile. After checking the box, enter a title and description for the consent given by your customer.
  5. Add items that the Objective should contain by clicking the Select... text underneath each heading. Items include:
    • Connections
    • Dialogues
    • Trackers
    • Listeners
    • Segments


    After selecting an item, click Ok.

  6. On the top right corner of the screen, click Save.

Editing Objectives

To edit an existing objective, click the Objective's name in the Existing Objectives table on the Objective tab.

Viewing Statistics and Related Items

To view an Objective's Statistics and Related Items, click the bar on the right side of the Objective's page.



The Statistics widget shows the percentage of profiles that have given consent for this Objective and the last time a visitor has given consent for this Objective. The Related Items widget shows all items the Objective contains.

Deleting Objectives

You can only delete an Objective if it contains no (0) items. To delete an Objective, click the arrow by Save, then click Delete.


A pop-up window appears. Click Ok to confirm the deletion of this Objective.