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Getting started with timeline event rollups

Rolling timeline event data into profile properties

BlueConic stores event-based data in timeline events. With the new timeline event rollup feature, you can use a simple UI in the new Timeline event rollups page to select the time-based data you need for segmentation and activation, and roll that data up into BlueConic profile properties. Using the query builder you can create queries against timeline data and see results stored in profile properties.


Get started with Timeline Event Rollups

To get started, start by thinking about how your existing use cases could benefit from timeline event rollups. You may already be using the Timeline Query Connection to roll up data from timeline events. Which event data would help you build smarter segments? Map out the data required (the timeline events and their relevant properties) and decide on a profile property or properties to hold that data. Once you're ready to get started, follow the steps outlined in the UI (and documented here). We are eager to hear how the process works for you.

Full Timeline Event Rollup screen-steps.png

Role-based access control

Role-based feature access lets BlueConic Application Managers assign permissions to enable BlueConic users at your site to use data rollups.


In order to begin using this feature, you must assign the 'Timeline event rollups' permission to the appropriate user roles in the Roles page. By default, only Application Managers get this permission.



Learn more about timeline rollups



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