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Universal integrations in BlueConic

universal integration, universal connections, universal connectors in BlueConic CDPUniversal integration methods in BlueConic enable you to collect data from any source into BlueConic profiles, as well as export data from BlueConic profiles. In addition to mechanisms such as firehose connections, Android SDK, iOS SDK, and documented APIs, BlueConic offers many universal connectors such as:

  • CSV Connections in BlueConic - BlueConic CSV connections allow for the automated synchronization of BlueConic data out to various CRM and digital marketing platforms. Note: See our list of Best practices for exchanging data via comma-separated values (CSV) files.
  • Data Layer Connection - The Data Layer connection allows you to enrich BlueConic profiles with data from a data layer and to export BlueConic data into a data layer. You can use an existing data layer or create a new BlueConic data layer. This connection supports real-time import and export.
  • Kafka Connection - The BlueConic Kafka Connection lets you listen to Kafka topics and store the results in BlueConic for segmentation, targeting, reporting, or data activation.
  • Amazon Web Services (S3) Connection - The Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (S3) connection allows you to synchronize data from various marketing platforms and databases into BlueConic via delimited flat files on servers. User profiles can be created or enhanced with this data and BlueConic information can be shared with marketing platforms. This connection supports scheduled batch import and export, as well as importing groups such as households, companies, or accounts.
  • SFTP Connection - The BlueConic SFTP connection synchronizes data from different marketing platforms and databases into BlueConic using delimited flat files (e.g. CSV files) on Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) servers. The files are retrieved from and stored at your SFTP server. By allowing BlueConic to share information with other marketing platforms, you can create or enhance user profiles by importing data to BlueConic groups, running scheduled batch imports and exports, and importing or exporting Timeline event data.
  • Webhook Connection - The BlueConic Webhook connection allows you to pass BlueConic data to webhooks of external marketing automation platforms and import data returned. The Webhook connection also allows you to define incoming webhooks to BlueConic so external marketing automation platforms can pass data into BlueConic.


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