Optimization distribution explained

The Optimization tab of a dialogue displays a table with statistics on the original and variants.

To interpret the numbers it is important to be aware of the details. Below are a number of items to keep in mind:

  • Distribution determines the chance to view a specific variant upon first viewing the dialogue. So in the example above, when a visitor enters the page there is a 5% chance the visitor will be in the control group and see nothing, a 47.50% chance the visitor gets to see Variant A and a 47.50% chance the visitor gets to see Variant B.
  • Once assigned a variant, a visitor will keep seeing the same variant.
  • Distribution has nothing to do with the actual number of views registered per variant. BlueConic will not correct the distribution based on the registered number of views when the variants strategy is set to "A/B testing" or "Rotating".
  • The settings on the When tab apply to all variants, including the control group variant.
  • For regular variants that have a position configured, a VIEW will only be tracked if the position is actually available on the page the dialogue is executed on.
  • The control group variant will always get a VIEW tracked when the dialogue is eligible to be executed on a page for visitors in the control group.