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ESP integrations with BlueConic connections

With built-in direct connections to Iterable, Mailchimp, Sailthru, Klaviyo, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and universal connectivity to most other ESPs, BlueConic provides tools to integrate with your email provider for better on-target messaging.

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What do we mean by "integrate" or BlueConic integrations?

BlueConic integrations are done with plugins called connections, which you can use to share BlueConic data with your ESP, and ESP data with BlueConic.

Why share BlueConic data with an ESP? 

Primarily, for email segmentation and personalization, but also for campaign membership! Think site or cart abandonment campaigns, for example. By synchronizing BlueConic segments with your ESP, you can make sure users are added and removed from campaigns in real-time. Whether that is controlled by lists, or custom data variables, we're here to help.

Perhaps you already have a segmented email program set up. Could it be pushed further? Probably! Integrating web analytics data with your ESP couldn't be easier than we make it. Want to segment emails based on product, category, or section preferences? Want to highlight products recently viewed? Let's do it! Need to know where your recipients are, geographically? Or what channels they come in from when they visit your site? It's all possible, and can be activated very quickly.

Beyond the behavioral data we collect from website use, we're also connecting data from your various other marketing platforms. If you've been trying to find a way to connect more data with your ESP, you may have found it!

Can we help you get started?

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