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Preferred Category by URL Listener

The Preferred Category by URL listener in BlueConic automatically stores the most frequently visited URL category levels of visitors. This can be helpful for behavioral customer segmentation, enabling you to cross-promote complementary portions of your site based on visitors' preferred activity.

Configuring the Preferred Category by URL Listener

How to track customers preferences to do behavioral customer segmentation in the BlueConic customer data platform

The listener takes the following parameters:

  • Name: We suggest "URL level ranking".
  • Page and channel filter: You may want the listener to store URL levels across all pages and channels. If you would like to restrict the channels or pages the listener uses to evaluate engagement, you can do that here.
  • Amount of URL levels: The URL "" has three category levels: "hc", "en-us", and "articles". Here you can select how many categories in your URL structures you would like to track.
  • Profile property: By default this is saved to a set of profile properties named "Preferred Main Category" and "Preferred Sub Category". There is no need to change this unless you would like to store the data in other profile properties.
  • Number of URL levels per profile property: By default the listener will save the top URL category. Here you can configure how many categories to store at each URL level.

You can also find a Preview URL field which will demonstrate how the listener will break down a URL you specify and store its elements in the profile properties you have selected.

Note: If you cannot find the Preferred Category by URL listener preinstalled in your Profiles > Listeners section, you can install it by finding it in the Settings > Plugins section. Select "Add/Update Plugin" and search for "Preferred Category by URL."

The listener will pick up values and store them as the visitor browses the website. Every value picked up scores a point per page, adding to the total that was already stored in the visitor profile. Scores slowly decay over 90 days, making recent browse behavior more relevant. There is a threshold score of 2 for values to be able to be eligible as "most preferred".




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