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Object Overview Insight

When using BlueConic actively for a long time, you may end up with a large number of objects. Place the Object Overview insight on a BlueConic dashboard to get an overview of the objects in BlueConic or in a specific program. You can use this insight to quickly identify relationships between objects without having to go to each object individually.

The Object Overview insight and its controls

An example of an object overview:

How do I visualize my BlueConic customer data platform activity?

The overview distributes the BlueConic objects over four categories:

  • Collect: Objects that collect information.
  • Assemble: Profile properties in which information is assembled.
  • Segment: Segments that group profiles together based on collected information.
  • Deliver: Connections that deliver information to connected systems.

Objects are sorted into columns accordingly. If there are many options a filter option appears at the bottom, allowing you to restrict the options shown to those that match the (partial) name that you type.

Clicking on an object name will take you to the object itself so you can edit it.

Hover over any object to highlight the objects that are related to it. When you hover over an object an icon will appear to the right of the object name. Click this icon to lock the selection and filter all related objects while leaving out non-related objects:


The example overview above shows us that the listener "Basic Engagement" collects data that is stored in the profile property "Engagement." This profile property is important to three segments: "Engaged shoppers from Austin (TX)," "Engaged sports fans Boston," and "Engaged subscribers". One or more of these segments are being delivered to four systems: "CSV file (send by Email)," "DoubleClick Campaign Manager," "Facebook Ads," and "Salesforce (new)."

Configuring the Object Overview insight in BlueConic

how do I configure the insight for visualizing BlueConic objects?

Show all BlueConic objects
Display all BlueConic objects in their respective categories.
Show only objects of programs
Limit the objects to those belonging to a list of programs. Search and add programs to the list, or click the "x" icon to remove programs from the list. The result is an overview that only shows a relevant selection of objects:



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