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Profile Property Filling Level Insight

This insight shows the number of profiles that have a value for a selected profile property versus those that do not have a value.

The Insight and its controls

This example shows the "Profile Property Filling Level" for the profile property "Is Customer."

How can I tell how many profiles have a value for a certain profile property in BlueConic?

Property name and description
The text displayed in the above screenshot can be read in this way: "Of all profiles 8.7% have a non-empty value in the "Is Customer" profile property; the 8.7% represents 658,556 profiles."
Setting a target has an impact on two things:
  1. The performance against the target is shown at the bottom of the Insight.
  2. The part that is above or below the target is also shown in the pie chart. If the performance is above target, the extra performance is shown in green as part of the profiles that have a value. If the performance is below target, the 'under performance' is shown in red as part of the profiles that do not have a value.



How do I configure the Profile Property has value insight in the BlueConic CDP?

Profile Property (required)
Select the profile property for which this Insight should be calculated.
Target (optional)
Select the profile property for which the average should be calculated. Average is calculated daily and is based on the values present in the profiles of the selected segment.