Salesforce Connection

What: The Salesforce connection allows you to sync visitor data between BlueConic and Salesforce (back and forth) in real-time.

About BlueConic: BlueConic is a Customer Data Platform that harnesses the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem. Click here to learn more.

Why: CRM data integrated into BlueConic is prime material for segmentation and personalization. BlueConic features a unique data collection engine that captures data at the customer level for known and anonymous users. For known users, or once a user becomes known, having this data in your CRM will arm your call center and other communication platforms with relevant details about your customers' explicit and implicit intents.

To create a successful connection between BlueConic and SalesForce, configuration is required at both ends. This is described in great detail on the "Configuring SalesForce" page.

The general help on Connections describe how to create the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

The configuration of the parameters in the Connection Details is described in the "Configuring BlueConic" part of the larger Configuring SalesForce page.

The SalesForce Connection is a certified plugin.