Using Listeners

Listening is an important part of BlueConic: the more you listen to the individual, the more you know to help drive a better outcome. Listeners in BlueConic add visitor information to their profile, based on their online behavior or provided input. There are several powerful listener types available out of the box, e.g.:

You can even develop custom listeners as plugin.

Listeners can be added to Objectives, allowing for privacy management of the information that is being listened for. A listener is only executed for visitors that consented to at least one of the objectives linked to the listener.


Organizing and managing listeners

On the left hand side of the screen you find the navigation widget. This widget displays listeners that are configured in your BlueConic environment.
By using the different view options, you can configure this widget to display the listeners of your choice. See "Object Navigation" for an overview of all available options.

Adding a new listener

To add a new listener, click on the "Add listener" button at the top right of the Listeners tab.
This opens a gallery window in which you can select the listener type you want:


Find the type of listener you want to add and click it. After choosing the listener type, you can configure your listener. To maintain your Listeners, use Save, Save As and Delete like with any other BlueConic object.

The list only shows the types of listeners currently installed in BlueConic. Activate "Show all" utilizing the checkbox at the top of the "Add Listener" dialogue to see all types of listeners that are available in the Plugins Gallery. 


The "Show all" checkbox is unchecked by default and is specific for each marketer and each type of object. As a result changing the object for the Listeners lightbox doesn't have impact on the Dialogues lightbox.

The "Show all" option for Listeners is remembered over sessions, therefore if marketer logs out and logs back in, the state of the checkbox is the same.

If the marketer checks the checkbox:


  • A "Loading..." screen is placed over the plugins area for 1.5 seconds. See screenshot
  • All plugins from the Plugins Gallery that are not installed yet are added to the list
  • Only plugins of the same type as the current object type are added (for example: only uninstalled Listener plugins are added to the list if the marketer is adding a Listener on the Listener tab)


If the marketer chooses an uninstalled plugin then selecting a new listener will automatically install it in BlueConic. If the checkbox is unchecked (the default state) then only the installed plugins are shown in the lightbox.

Name and Description

You can change the name of the listener by simply clicking on the name and editing it. Optionally, you can also add a description.

"Where": Channel selection

At the "where" section, you select the channels on which you want this listener to be active. By default listeners are running on "all channels". You can select a specific channel by entering a few characters of that channel in the search box. Channels that match your criteria will appear in a list to select from. If needed you can also open the advanced search to find the right channel.

If you want to specify a specific URL on which the listener is active, you first need to select the channel to which this URL belongs. Then you can add the specific URL by clicking the "Add Rule" button.

The number of specific URL-restrictions in a channel is mentioned after the channel, and can be viewed and edited by clicking on it.

Configuring listening rules

The rest of the setup of the listener is dependent of the type of listener that is chosen. Check the articles titled "Listening" to the right for instructions on how to configure these.

Change the status of a listener

The status of a listener is displayed next to its name. By default the listener is off and will not be triggered for visitors. Only enabled listeners are triggered for visitors. Enable or disable a listener by clicking the switch button. 


Related items

In the right hand sidebar, the "related items"-widget is displayed. It shows the other objects in BlueConic that are directly related to the listener that you are managing.

Listeners can have the following types of related items:

  • Channels: The channels on which this listener is active.
  • Profile Properties: The profile properties that are set by this listener.
  • Plugins: The plugin on which this listener is based.