Segment KPI (Insight)

Shows the current number of profiles in the selected segment. Optionally it shows the performance against a set KPI target.

The Insight and its controls

An example of an Insight based on the "Segment KPI" type:

What this number shows is depending on the chosen time period of the dashboard:
  • Time period "All Time": Shows the total number of profiles in the segment
  • For any other period than "All Time", the number represents the number of new profiles that entered the segment
Text describing the number. This text can be edited.
Indication of the performance of the increase in profiles against the set target.


The insight takes the time period setting of the dashboard into account. This is indicated by the clock icon in the top left. When a time period has been selected for the dashboard the number changes to display the new profiles in the segments for the selected time period.

When a time period has been selected for the dashboard and the "Compare with previous" option has been activated, a percentage is shown to indicate the difference between the number of new profiles of the current period compared to the number of new profiles of the previous period.


Segment (required)
Select the segment for which the number should be calculated.
Target (optional)
Enter the target for the increase in number of profiles for the selected segment for a time interval.


The Segment KPI Insight is a standard plugin.


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