Universe, domains, and channels explained

BlueConic interacts with online visitors who are part of your organization’s universe. The universe refers to everything that exists within the BlueConic environment. It is the container that encloses all your online assets and activities related to your BlueConic deployment including domains and channels. 

Domains are used to identify entities within an organization. In a BlueConic deployment, a domain is a container within which channels are organized. Typically, a domain contains two or more channels that have a similar function, for example, websites for similarly branded products, websites belonging to a specific business unit within an organization or the all websites devoted to marketing, for example.

Domains separate business entities from each other within the larger organization as a whole (the universe).

A Channel is a unique website, email interaction or mobile app that belongs to a domain that is being monitored and in which the real-time, online conversation between you and your universe visitors takes place.

Universe, domains and channels are key concepts within BlueConic. Online marketers can define channels (and depending on the authorization level, also domains) and monitor the visitor streams between channels and between domains. They can also set up dialogues with online visitors for each of your channels.