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Troubleshooting Lifecycles

Here are some tips to prevent or fix problems when you're setting up or running BlueConic Lifecycles.

Things to remember

  • Not all connections support Lifecycles.
  • Touchpoints are required in order to complete and Lifecycle and there is no maximum amount of touchpoints allowed within a Lifecycle.
  • Profiles can go through multiple Lifecycles at a time.
  • Lifecycles are broken into stages which can be defined by sets of profile property criteria, behavioral scores, segments, objectives, and groups.
  • Lifecycles can have a maximum of 10 stages.
  • Lifecycles can be sequential, but profiles can skip stages.
  • A profile can only belong to one stage within a given Lifecycle.
  • Thresholds are used to limit the number of touchpoints a customer receives across channels in a given time period while part of a specific lifecycle stage.

    • Note: You cannot set the order of touchpoints while using thresholds.

  • The Lifecycle priority will override Dialogue priority while the Lifecycle is on.

  • When a Dialogue is a part of a stage, it will only be served to profiles present in that stage.

Contacting Support

For information on contacting our Support Team with questions, see Contacting BlueConic Support.

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