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June 2022 BlueConic Release Notes

Welcome to the BlueConic product release notes. Find the latest new features in the BlueConic platform, new connections, and updates to our APIs. 

BlueConic platform status

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What's new in BlueConic with Release 85

The latest BlueConic release will be delivered to servers from June 10 to June 24, 2022.

New and enhanced features

New and updated connections

Global privacy and consent management updates

This release includes the following enhancements to help you manage consent and adapt to constantly evolving privacy legislation.

Consent management UI updated for Objectives

When adding or editing an objective through the Objectives tab, consent management is now automatically enabled for that objective once a legislation zone is selected. As a result:

  • The Consent Management heading and Enabled checkbox have been removed under Settings.
  • The legislation zones available for selection are now included under a renamed heading, “Require consent.”

What's new in R85 including Managing customer privacy with the BlueConic CDP

Note: The “Require consent” heading is also included on the Privacy settings page (Settings > Privacy).

New legislation zones added

Several new legislation zones are now supported and included in the platform, including:

  • Argentina (PDPL)
  • Australia (Privacy Act)
  • Brazil (LGPD)
  • Israel (PPL)
  • Japan (APPI)
  • New Zealand (Privacy Act 2020)
  • People's Republic of China (PIPL)
  • Peru (PDPL)
  • Switzerland (DPA)
  • United Kingdom (UK GDPR)
  • US - Colorado (SB190)
  • US - Virginia (SB1392)

These new zones have been added to the five existing zones on the Privacy settings page:

  • Europe (GDPR)
  • Canada (PIPEDA)
  • California (CCPA)
  • Nevada (SP220)
  • New York (NYPA)

When you enable any of the zones on the Privacy settings page, those zones become available for selection on individual objective pages. (When a zone is selected, visitors within that zone must consent for the items governed by that objective to be executed.)

Note: On both the Privacy settings page and individual objective pages, a "Legislation zones" checkbox is included above the list of available zones so you can select or deselect all options at once.

What's new in R85 including Managing privacy for global legislation zones with the BlueConic CDP

New zone added for UK visitors

This release adds a new legislation zone, United Kingdom (UK GDPR), which governs consent for visitors from the UK. These profiles were previously governed by the Europe (GDPR) zone.

When the UK zone is enabled on the Privacy settings page, new UK visitors will now be assigned to that zone and not to Europe (GDPR). 

If the UK zone is NOT enabled on the Privacy settings page, then any new UK visitor will continue to be assigned to Europe (GDPR) until the UK zone is enabled.

Note: Existing UK profiles before the June 2022 release will still be part of the Europe (GDPR) zone.

Tip: If you have UK and/or EU visitors, and you use objectives to restrict an object in BlueConic such as a connection or dialogue, make sure to enable the UK legislation zone on the Privacy settings page and assign it to these objectives. (This is true even for channels and sites based in the U.S. that have UK and/or EU visitors.)

Option added to require consent for all profiles

In the list of legislation zones on the Privacy settings page, a new option has been added to require consent for all profiles, regardless of the visitor’s legislation zone. (This ensures that your organization is compliant with any legislation.) This new option is labeled “Whole world” if no other zone is selected from the list; it is labeled “Rest of the World (including disabled legislation zones)” when at least one other zone is selected.

Implementing Global customer privacy controls with the BlueConic CDP

Note: On the Privacy settings page, if you have the "Rest of the World" option enabled but NOT the United Kingdom (UK GDPR) zone, new UK visitors will be assigned to Europe (GDPR) until the UK zone is enabled.

Opt-in/opt-out designation added for legislation zones

On the Privacy settings page, a dropdown now appears next to each legislation zone to designate it as an Opt-in or Opt-out zone when selected for an objective. Through this designation, the consent provided by each visitor within that zone determines whether that objective is met:

  • Opt-in: A visitor within an Opt-in zone meets an objective only if they consent to that objective. (If they refuse consent or do not make a selection, the objective will not be met.)
  • Opt-out: A visitor within an Opt-out zone meets an objective in all situations unless they explicitly refuse consent. (If they do not select whether they grant or refuse consent, they still meet the objective.)

When a legislation zone is enabled from the Privacy settings page and designated as either Opt-in or Opt-out, that designation is included for that zone on all objectives. You cannot add a legislation zone to one objective as Opt-in and another objective as Opt-out.

For example, if you enable Europe (GDPR) as an Opt-in zone, it can only be added to objectives as an Opt-in zone unless you change its designation on the Privacy settings page. (The Opt-in designation will appear next to the zone name on the objective page but cannot be modified from there.)

Note: This information does not serve as legal advice for your privacy and consent standards. Consult your legal team for advice on privacy and consent for the legislation zones that apply to your audiences.

BlueConic SDK updated for iOS and Android

New versions of the BlueConic SDK are now available for iOS and Android:

In addition, a new method for incrementProfileValue is now included for both iOS and Android.

Option to allow AI notebooks to access secret credentials from connections

A new 'Connections credentials' option in BlueConic connections allows AI Workbench notebooks to access to secret connection credentials for authentication. This enables AI notebooks to connect securely to an external system in the same way your connections do.

For BlueConic connections that use secret parameters for authentication with other systems, you can find this setting in the metadata section at the top of the connection window.

Using AI notebooks in BlueConic

Note that for existing instances of BlueConic connections, the new Connection credentials option will appear only after you set up secret parameters.

Update to Salesforce Marketing Cloud connection to trigger Journey Builder interactions

With recent updates to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (FTP) connection, you can now create a new type of export goal that will trigger customer journeys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder. This will allow you to connect data about your customers in BlueConic with your customer journeys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Connecting Salesforce Marketing Cloud SFMC Journey Builder to the customer data in BlueConic CDP

New Criteo Connection

The new BlueConic Criteo connection allows you to export BlueConic segments to Criteo in order to better target your audiences with advertising. By sending segmentation and user profile property data to Criteo, you can more effectively reach custom audiences with digital ads. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Connecting BlueConic CDP customer profile data with Criteo audiences

Updates to add data processors to connections

Learn more about using data processors in BlueConic connections.

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