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Timeline event priority levels and retention periods

Each Timeline event type in BlueConic has a priority level and related retention period. Events can be set to HIGH or LOW priority. The priority setting is used when events need to be purged. High-priority events are less likely to be purged than low-priority events.

Keep these points in mind when you are creating or adding Timeline events.

  • A maximum of 250 events are allowed per profile.
  • The standard event size is 1 KB.
  • If you create custom Timeline event types, you can set the event's priority setting to low or high.

Retention periods

You can set custom retention periods for a Timeline event type, to specify how long events of this type should be stored on the profile timeline.

Notes about low-priority and high-priority timeline events

An event type's priority level has bearing on how many such events are stored on the timeline, and on their retention period, which determines how long they are stored on a profile's timeline. 

Low-Priority Timeline Events High-Priority Timeline Events
  • Low-priority events are capped at 50 if there are 200 or more high-priority events. 
  • Low-priority events can be set to a custom retention period.
  • Retenion period: Low-priority events have a default retention period of 30 days, but you can set a custom retention period.
  • High-priority events are constrained by the total number of events and take precedence over low-priority events.
  • Retention period: High-priority events are set to indefinite retention by default, but you can set a custom, fixed retention period.


Changing event type retention settings

If you change a Timeline event type's retention setting, the update applies only to newly created timeline events of this type. 

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